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Our Myspace Layouts are different when compared to all other sites. Each and every one of these unique backgrounds is exclusive, which means they are only available through this site. The designs are also available as 2.0 Myspace Layouts, the original 1.0 Skinny Myspace Layouts and, to top it off, we allow you to customize your own with our profile editor.

We realize that the above is not important if our layouts are not up to par. Please browse through some of our categories and decide for yourself. The Girly Myspace Layouts category is a good starting point as it is one of our most popular sections. We hope you will find that our designs are high quality layouts and what we offer is truly different to other sites.

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Gloomy Butterfly Myspace Layout Love Grows On Trees Myspace Layout Bunny Romance Myspace Layout Swirly Wings Myspace Layout Request: Sakura Myspace Layout Elemental Forces Myspace Layout Shear Love Myspace Layout Star Ship Myspace Layout Cherry Blossoms Myspace Layout Butterfly Spiral Myspace Layout
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nancy luvstoopid gifts

Latest Myspace Layouts:
August 15, 2007:
"Gloomy Butterfly" added to Butterfly Myspace Layouts

August 14, 2007:
"Love Grows On Trees" added to Hearts/Love Myspace Layouts

August 9, 2007:
"Bunny Romance" added to Cute Myspace Layouts

August 7, 2007:
"Swirly Wings" added to Butterfly Myspace Layouts

August 7, 2007:
"Request: Sakura" added to Flower Myspace Layouts

July 31, 2007:
"Elemental Forces" added to Abstract Myspace Layouts

July 31, 2007:
"Shear Love" added to Emo Myspace Layouts

July 29, 2007:
"Star Ship" added to Nature Myspace Layouts

July 27, 2007:
"Cherry Blossoms" added to Flower Myspace Layouts

July 27, 2007:
"Butterfly Spiral" added to Butterfly Myspace Layouts

Spring BETA


Yay it's Spring and after the long awaited bath we've decided to give our site a few more scrubs. As you check out our Myspace Layouts you will notice that we've integrated the editor with our standard code. Why? Because it just keeps things so much simpler.

While we were at it we revamped our editor so it's SUPER DUPER EASY to use. Everyone should feel right at home with this version. It's a BETA so please forgive us if things aren't perfect. On the very 1st tab you'll notice you can now select colors and patterns. Wow. Fantastic. Unbelievable. Why do we do these things? Because we care and we can.

Your Clean Friends,
- the team

New News.


Our original site design was starting to smell so we decided to give it a bath. We're constantly tweaking things to bring you a happier experience.

Your Fresh Scented Friends,
- the team

Happy Valentines


To help kick off Valentines Day we've added a new Valentines comments series entitled 'Mooshibots'. Keep an eye out for some new Valentines MySpace Layouts as well!

Your Romantic Friends,
- the team

Our Holiday Gifts


In the spirit of Christmas, we've added the gifts of skinny MySpace layouts and the option to customize our premade layouts!  These new features are available in each layout codes page, just below the thumbnail image.

Please leave a comment on our MySpace account and let us know if we made you clap your hands. 

Your Santa Friends,
- the team

Have a Politically Correct Christmas


The team would like to take this time to wish all of our loyal fans (and of course new ones) Happy Holidays. As a special treat we've redecorated our site, added Christmas Myspace Layouts, Winter Myspace Layouts and Stoopid Christmas Gifts. In the spirit of giving we're giving away our love so cherish it close to your tiny beating hearts

Your Merry Friends,
- the team

Fall in Love


Fall / Autumn is a wonderful time of the year and to capture its beauty we've created a 'Fall Myspace Layouts' category.

Your Leafy Friends,
- the team

Stoopid Halloween


In the 'spirit' of Halloween we bring you fresh slabs of 'Stoopid Halloween Gifts'. So if you're still alive be sure to drop on by.

- the team

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