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Our Myspace Layouts are different when compared to all other sites. Each and every one of these unique backgrounds is exclusive, which means they are only available through this site. The designs are also available as 2.0 Myspace Layouts, the original 1.0 Skinny Myspace Layouts and, to top it off, we allow you to customize your own with our profile editor.

We realize that the above is not important if our layouts are not up to par. Please browse through some of our categories and decide for yourself. The Girly Myspace Layouts category is a good starting point as it is one of our most popular sections. We hope you will find that our designs are high quality layouts and what we offer is truly different to other sites.

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nancy luvstoopid gifts

Latest Myspace Layouts:
August 15, 2007:
"Gloomy Butterfly" added to Butterfly Myspace Layouts

August 14, 2007:
"Love Grows On Trees" added to Hearts/Love Myspace Layouts

August 9, 2007:
"Bunny Romance" added to Cute Myspace Layouts

August 7, 2007:
"Swirly Wings" added to Butterfly Myspace Layouts

August 7, 2007:
"Request: Sakura" added to Flower Myspace Layouts

July 31, 2007:
"Elemental Forces" added to Abstract Myspace Layouts

July 31, 2007:
"Shear Love" added to Emo Myspace Layouts

July 29, 2007:
"Star Ship" added to Nature Myspace Layouts

July 27, 2007:
"Cherry Blossoms" added to Flower Myspace Layouts

July 27, 2007:
"Butterfly Spiral" added to Butterfly Myspace Layouts

Gifts Gone Wild


Your magnificently gorgeous friends at have done it yet again (we friggin rule). We proudly present you with our latest MySpace Comments collection: 'Stoopid Gifts'. It's fairly self explanatory but here's our sales pitch anyway:

Welcome to 'Stoopid Gifts'! You'll find great gifts for your friends, loved ones, pets, plants, dust mites and pretty much any living or dead thing in the entire universe. Now you can celebrate: Happy Birthdays, Anniversaries, Breakups, Christmas, Hanukah, Graduations, First Dates, Sodoku Tournaments,and any other day that HallmarkTM can possibly create. Better yet create your own and help us help you by inundating your friends' profiles and comments area with these 'Stoopid Gifts'. And for an unlimited time you can use our shameless promotions tool for ABSOLUTELY FREE! Yes, that's right folks absolutely FREE because we're just that friggin awesome.

Your Wet & Sloppy Friends,
- the team

September 07?


For those who are wondering just what the heck that banner on top is, well... that's absolutely fantastic.

- the team

I Spy with My Little Eye


We've recently added a search feature to our site (it's located at the top right of the nav). So now you can simply type in keywords or phrases and voila.

We're pretty sure everyone knows how to search - if not here's a quick intro: if you're looking for 'pink and black MySpace layouts' or 'cute MySpace layouts' then just type those phrases in. You can also use quotes to specify an exact search ie. "purple hearts" which will only bring up results for well purple hearts of course.

Have fun searching everyone,
- the team

Roaring Requests


We would like to take this moment to thank everyone for their feedback and support. The requests for custom MySpace layouts and graphics are increasing daily so obviously we can't do every SINGLE one. However, we promise we'll at least look at each and every one of them.

Here are a few tips to get your request noticed:
1) Write a bit about why you want a layout so bad. Spend some time people, be creative. Something like: "I like brown hamsters." is awesome but it probably won't get you a layout or graphic.
2) Be sure you use a working e-mail or else it's going to be a wee bit difficult to communicate further.
3) Listen to momma - she's right about manners. Requests like "Make me a custom layout." or "Make me some cute graphics." usually wins an all-expensed paid trip to our trash bin.

Yo Mommas,
- the team

Black and White


If you love black and white then be sure not to miss our unique Black And White MySpace Layouts category. We have everything from dark lonely trees to pretty flowers. If you would like to see something in particular please feel free to send a request!

- the team

Dig This


Are you looking for something truly unique that captures the good ol' days? If so be sure to check out the updates in our premade Retro MySpace Layouts category. It'll make any profile the coolest thing on the block.

- the team



If you like being scared until you pee your pants then you can't miss our new Creepy MySpace layouts.  All of these dark unusual layouts are unique & original so you can be sure your profile won't be like anything out there.

Sweet dreams,
- the team

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