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Our Myspace Layouts are different when compared to all other sites. Each and every one of these unique backgrounds is exclusive, which means they are only available through this site. The designs are also available as 2.0 Myspace Layouts, the original 1.0 Skinny Myspace Layouts and, to top it off, we allow you to customize your own with our profile editor.

We realize that the above is not important if our layouts are not up to par. Please browse through some of our categories and decide for yourself. The Girly Myspace Layouts category is a good starting point as it is one of our most popular sections. We hope you will find that our designs are high quality layouts and what we offer is truly different to other sites.

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Gloomy Butterfly Myspace Layout Love Grows On Trees Myspace Layout Bunny Romance Myspace Layout Swirly Wings Myspace Layout Request: Sakura Myspace Layout Elemental Forces Myspace Layout Shear Love Myspace Layout Star Ship Myspace Layout Cherry Blossoms Myspace Layout Butterfly Spiral Myspace Layout
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nancy luvstoopid gifts

Latest Myspace Layouts:
August 15, 2007:
"Gloomy Butterfly" added to Butterfly Myspace Layouts

August 14, 2007:
"Love Grows On Trees" added to Hearts/Love Myspace Layouts

August 9, 2007:
"Bunny Romance" added to Cute Myspace Layouts

August 7, 2007:
"Swirly Wings" added to Butterfly Myspace Layouts

August 7, 2007:
"Request: Sakura" added to Flower Myspace Layouts

July 31, 2007:
"Elemental Forces" added to Abstract Myspace Layouts

July 31, 2007:
"Shear Love" added to Emo Myspace Layouts

July 29, 2007:
"Star Ship" added to Nature Myspace Layouts

July 27, 2007:
"Cherry Blossoms" added to Flower Myspace Layouts

July 27, 2007:
"Butterfly Spiral" added to Butterfly Myspace Layouts

Satisfy your Flirting Appetite


We've just recently launched a new series of cute MySpace comments / profile graphics to assist all you flirts out there. The series is called 'Food Flirtz' for obvious reasons. They're all original so that way you'll have a better chance of standing out. We'll be adding more along the way,  if you would like to make a specific request feel free to use our request form.

Have fun & play safe,

- the team

Updates, updates & more updates.


For the past weeks we've been adding a whole slew of really cool & hot unique MySpace layouts for everyone; yes, we do have some very original MySpace graphics as well. You'll find original premade MySpace Layouts and MySpace Graphics in a variety of categories from emo, swirls, grunge to pretty little butterflies.

For those who have been using our trusty requests form, we ARE listening. We've just been getting so many that we have to decide on which to tackle first.

We'll also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support and lovely fan mail on our unique layouts and graphics. It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Well, sort of.

Thanks Everyone,

- the team

What's Your Sign?


An often overused pick-up line but anyway go check out our new & original "Zodiac Buddies" profile & MySpace Comment graphics!

- the team

Hello World.


Welcome to our humble little site. Simply put, we're here to provide our visitors with free high quality MySpace Layouts and comments. If you're looking for original & unique MySpace Layouts & comments then you've come to the right place. We have something for everyone including Girly MySpace Layouts (for the girls obviously), and Black And White MySpace Layouts. Be sure to check back often to see what's coming out of the oven.

- the team

P.S. We're passionate about what we offer so please feel free to contact us if you have any comments or questions.

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