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Girl Myspace Layouts

Our Girl Myspace Layouts have plenty to offer. Choose from the background designs of Girl Layouts For Myspace by navigating through the pages at the bottom. The Myspace Girl Layouts are available in both premade and skinny formats, or you may use our editor to customize your own.

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I Wish... Myspace Layout
I Wish...
Standard  Skinny Profile 2.0
If you had one wish what would it be? Fame? Fortune? Love? Peace on earth? Or how about a Girly Myspace Layout that represents just that? This unique design features a girl blowing a dandelion. I really wonder what she was wishing for.
Make Mooshibots Not War Myspace Layout
Make Mooshibots Not War
Standard  Skinny Profile 2.0
Not sure why it took me this long but I finally decided to create this Cute Flashing Layout. Technically, it's not flashing since it's animated but hey that's what you people call it so that's what you'll get. It features our beloved friends performing acts of love. If you like it hit me up on Myspace.
Lucid Bubbles (Sunrise) Myspace Layout
Lucid Bubbles (Sunrise)
Standard  Skinny Profile 2.0
This Girly Myspace Layout is a variation of our original design. I made the background brighter to give it more of a morning touch. You could always use our first design for night and this one in the morning! Enjoy.
Oh Sweet Nap Myspace Layout
Oh Sweet Nap
Standard  Skinny Profile 2.0
Let us present you with our latest Unique Myspace Layout. It features our pretty friend taking a little nap on the grass. If that weren't enough there's also some squiggly hearts around her. Lovely isn't it? It sure is.
The Last Day of Summer Myspace Layout
The Last Day of Summer
Standard  Skinny
I know it's not here yet, but I tend to always associate Labour Day to be the last day of summer. There is almost an anticipation for the change in weather, and since this is the last long weekend, you have to get out to enjoy yourself. The blue and brown in this layout is for the cooling of the season and changing of nature's colors.
Cute as a... Myspace Layout
Cute as a...
Standard  Skinny Profile 2.0
Here we have a really Cute Flashing Layout. To be honest, I still don't completely understand why people refer to things being cute as a button. Are buttons really THAT cute? Fat hamsters wearing costumes are cute - but hey who am I to judge? If you're cute then stop reading this and use the layout already.
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