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Do you prefer to sing-a-long to pop, grind it down with R and B, or how about rock out to some good ol' rock n roll? It really doesn't matter since our Music Myspace Layouts category has something to offer for each of you audiophiliacs. You can be sure that all of the Music Layouts For Myspace you'll see here are exclusive to topbun. After selecting some Myspace Music Layouts - be sure to pick either a premade or skinny format (you can also edit your own if you're advanced enough). Rock on.

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Retro Record Player Myspace Layout
Retro Record Player
Standard  Skinny Profile 2.0
Wow, I couldn't believe how these record players looked like before. Imagine if ipods were the size of these suckers? While you may never be able to get your hands one of these classics you can at least enjoy it as a Myspace Layout.
Rock Heaven Myspace Layout
Rock Heaven
Standard  Skinny Profile 2.0
Let me present you with our newest Music Myspace Layout. It features a medley of images that includes a row of beautifully strung electric guitars. If rock had a heaven it would be somewhat like this. Please enjoy responsibly.
Retro Cassette Myspace Layout
Retro Cassette
Standard  Skinny Profile 2.0
The last cassette layout I created was more of a 90's influence. This one is uses colors from the late 70's to early 80's, or at least that's what I believe them to be. I have a bit of a fascination with everything retro, so look for more designs to come from the past.
The Golden Years Myspace Layout
The Golden Years
Standard  Skinny Profile 2.0
This Music Layout brings back memories of the golden years of music. These days most music are either being played off of an ipod or a laptop. Back in the old days you had jukeboxes, so I made sure that was included along with the fiery color scheme.
Le Blue Drums Myspace Layout
Le Blue Drums
Standard  Skinny Profile 2.0
After staring at this beautiful set of drums for way too long - I just had to make it into a Music Myspace Layout. I kept this piece very minimal since I didn't want to detract it from the actual photo. Credit goes to Kjetilv for such a gorgeous shot.
Jennifer Thomas Myspace Layout
Jennifer Thomas
Let me proudly present you a Myspace Layout dedicated to the ever so talented Jennifer Thomas. If you love submerging yourself to the melodies of a piano then please visit the following: Jennifer's Myspace Page | Jennifer's Official Site
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